Guiding Questions

  • Who are you?
  • What does it mean to understand?
  • What are social technologies and how are they impacting the ways people work, play, live, and learn?
  • What implications do trends in the use of emerging technologies have for 21st Century education?
  • How might educators use emerging technologies to facilitate teaching and learning?
  • How can we design learning environments that will systematically develop multiple literacies?

Framing Our Time Together

An Implementation Issue


Whadda ya know?

Capture Attention

Introducing Le Book

Activate Prior Knowledge

Teens Toys Talkin Tech Ppt
TED Talks: Jeff Han
Shift Happens
Survey Monkey Results

Make Sense

Affinity Diagram

Connections TV Series

Make it Meaningful

If Ideas Were Fashion Ppt. . . Conceptual Collage (Capture a Concept)

Encourage Involvement

Exploration Stations - (How do these . . .?)

Text: Sentence Strips . . . Something Wiki This Way Comes (Start with the Readings Page)
Images: Cat Herders . . . Conceptual Collage . . . Dave Werner's Portfolio
Sound: Super Duper Music Looper . . . Nefarious News (with Audacity)
Movement: Washing Machine Poetry . . . Creation Stations (Creative Tools)
Space: Insights & Inspirations Wk 7 ARCHITECTURE Ppt . . .Table Tents


Summarize - The Machine is Us/ing Us
Reflect - Gimme 5
Connect - What does this mean for your work?
Extend - Digital Journalism (& Scholarship?)
Preview - Ellen

Teach the creative process and then take them through it in each discipline (analogous to learning to play jazz across all 12 keys)

Gathering the raw material
Exploring the applications
Adaptation - Recontextualization, remixing, repurposing
Innovation - Combining across disciplines

Text (Articles, Essays (like Feynman & Tognazzini), Poetry, Prose)

Elbow's article


Cultural triangle applied to knowledge, learning, and SLA
Two women poem

Images -

Principles of Graphic Design

Communication - Applied to genres of instructional communication: worksheets, ppts, websites

Culture - Applied to understanding famous Spanish artists

Connections -

Comparisons -

Communities -


Juxtaposition - Silent Night
Mashups -

Movement - Dance, Film

Physical movement but also conceptual movement
Movement through time and space (contexts) (and media) = growth
How do we give students opportunities to move through one another's minds?
Transformation happens one moment at a time (time - x axis), one step at a time (space - z axis), one layer at a time (y axis - individual soul) - Christ, received His image in your countenance -- internal changes have external effects

Curriculum Development

Sets the boundaries, null, enacted, stated, etc. What does the curriculum encompass? Content? Culture? Classroom? Students? Concepts? Society?


Your stance

Social Change

Your responsibility - Of he to whom much is given, much is required.


Explore this.