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Critical Analysis of Media

Imagining the Audience in a Wired World
User Opinion in Tech Design


Sequential - A Fair(y) Use Tale - Disney movies mashed up to comment on copyright and fair use guidelines

Mike Stern - Digital Time lapse paintings - Connect the dots to make information, v. knowledge networks and social networks through which the knowledge can pass

Doodle by Squidsoup -


Text & Images

Colors Magazine

Google Lit Trips (The Yellow Balloon) - Use mashups made with Google Earth and famous lit. to create virtual field trips (students "fly" to the various locations) and student podcasts. Site organized by grade levels (Kindergarten through Higher Ed) with lots of different kinds of literature represented.


Sanders, Mark D., & Sillers, Tia. (2000). I hope you dance. Nashville, TN: Rutledge Hill Press. ISBN 1-55853-844-5.
This book uses a combination of text and images to illustrate the meaning and message of the song by Lee Ann Womack. (The book comes with a CD inside.)

Over the Confluence of Giants - Mashup made from 5-6 different songs (sequential and layered)

Simon and Garfunkel. (2001). 7 o'clock news/silent night. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.
A great example of how two pieces of media can be simultaneously juxtaposed and fused to synergistically create a powerful meaning that was not inherent in either of the two original texts.


Lexus IS Campaign - The unique editing techniques, metaphorical illusions, and powerful slogan, Why live in one dimension? combine to produce a powerful message about teaching, learning, and life.

Mike Stern - Digital Time lapse paintings

New Genre - The Trailer Mash - A collection of mashups made from video trailers, categorized by genre. Beware that there is an adult content genre, so you cannot let students browse this site. Some contributors have even created entirely new "films" from existing trailers, such as this Titanic Sequel mashup created from over 10 different videos.

Simulations -

Tagged in Motion - Guy "moves through his work" as he creates it using 3 computers that capture his position and feed his movements back to him in "augmented reality"



Awilum: Educational Mashups - Short post on how students are cutting and pasting educational experiences together for themselves

To Fix Education, Think Web 2.0

Beyond Web CT: Integrating Social Networking Tools Into Language & Culture Courses (Session 13 - Mashups)

Mishmash of Mashups - Very nice post re: conceptual nature of mashups and implications for future education

Teacher as DJ

Units as Mashups - How teachers will create small chunks of content that other teachers will use to create larger bodies of work that will form "learning pathways"

Student Created Content

Los Mandatos - Images, text, movement

Mashup Gallery - Sample animations and videos made by kids at the Canadian project "The Outlet"

Social Change

Net Squared Mashup Project Gallery - Site designed to help people interested in creating social change find information, like-minded individuals, etc. Some of the projects make INTERESTING uses of tech and could be co-opted for FL (such as the disaster preparedness)

StoryMapping: Projects - A variety of projects that seek to involve students in social activism via map mashups that tell digital stories


Connecting with actor as common anchor point across videos - Titanic Sequel mashup created from over 10 different videos.

Good art links: