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Lesson Plans

Practicing Gustar, Interesar and Aburrir - Drawing activity - SarahPcat SarahPcat

Practicing Present Perfect and the Future tense - Pictures of Detroit - gutier50 gutier50


Art and Spanish - A wiki containing links to a variety of handouts and materials for a unit on Picasso designed for beginning Spanish students that contains many communicative activities and projects

Art in the Foreign Language Classroom - An extensive collection of postings from FLTEACH re: ideas for using art in the world language classroom. Contains lots of ideas specific to Spanish-speaking artists, but applicable to all languages

Art Links - This is an AMAZING link that has lots of links to other cool sites. A lot of the sites combine technology and art. - emilylewis emilylewis

Teaching Spanish Art - The 1st in a 3-part series from FLTEACH on ideas for hands-on activities for teaching about Spanish-speaking art and artists.

Teaching Spanish Art (Continued) - The 2nd of a 3-part series from FLTEACH on ideas for -on activities for teaching about Spanish-speaking art and artists.

Teaching Spanish Art (Continued, From Picasso on) - The last of a 3-part series from FLTEACH detailing hands-on ideas for teaching about Spanish-speaking art and artists - Cherice's bookmarks on art and foreign language


CopyrightFriendlyLogo.jpg - Links to a variety of websites with copyright-friendly images from Springfield Township High School's Virtual Library

CulturallyAuthenticPictorialLexiconLogo.png - A database of culturally authentic Creative Commons images, organized by language and topic

FlickrCreativeCommonsLogo.png - Search for Flickr photos with Creative Commons licenses

ImagesToTeachLanguagesLogo.jpg - A Flickr group dedicated to collecting images for language teaching and learning

PublicDomainPicturesLogo.jpg - A collection of photos in the public domain

RealiaProjectLogo.jpg - Royalty free images for classroom use from a variety of countries

StockXchngLogo.gif - Has lots of professional photos from Spanish-speaking countries--look for the terms of use--standard license means you can use it in your PowerPoints and etc. Sometimes you just need to notify the photographer (using the comments feature)