Literature sites that are useful to world language educators and students


Reading Resources for French Teachers - A fantastic wiki that organizes French texts by Century and also contains links to assignments, publisher info., reading strategies, etc.


ProjectGutenbergLogo.jpg - Free, downloadable e-books of texts in the public domain


FullTextsOnlineSpanishLogo.jpg- Very nice collection of Spanish & Latin American literature (navigation on the left)

GlencoeOnlineLogo.gif - Culture-based websites in Spanish

LanicLogo.jpg - Latin American Network Information Center - Extensive list of texts in Spanish & Portuguese (organized by country)

ShmoopLogo.png - Study guides in Spanish for literary texts commonly taught in high school English classes

TiccalLogo.jpg - A series of didactic materials for teaching various works of literature in Spanish

UniversityLibrariesAlbanyLogo.gif - Extensive list of resources for Spanish literature and linguistics

VoiceOfTheShuttleLogo.gif - Links to sites related to literature in Spanish & Portuguese

Thematic Units

Using Art, Film, & Literature to Explore the Hispanic Identity - A unit developed by the Yale New Haven Teachers Institute

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