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Children's Songs in Chinese - Each link will take you to the Chinese text of the song, along with an MP3 of the song

Circle Time - China: Chinese Children's Songs - A variety of simple, repetitive, culturally authentic poems and rhymes, as well as several songs set to common tunes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that help students learn to count, pinyin, and about topics like insects, the New Year, etc. Each song is accompanied by a short video in which a Chinese woman performs (or sings) the rhyme/song.

|群星《北京2008奥运会歌曲专辑》下载试听- Official album for the Beijing Olympic games


The Internet Chinese Music Archive - Links to MP3s of Beijing opera, ceremonial Chinese music, Chinese children's songs, historical speeches, modern Chinese music, music from Taiwan & Hong Kong, popular Chinese music, etc.

LearnChinese的音乐 - Blog devoted to Chinese learning that contains links to popular streaming music in Chinese (and English), as well as vocabulary lists, etc.

Mama Lisa's World: Chinese Children's Songs - Links to the text of chants, rhymes, and songs for children in Chinese and in English, with MP3 files


A Kid's Tour of Latin Music Through Google Maps - A Google Map with links to videos of both folk and popular music from Spanish-speaking countries around the world

OpenCultureLogo.jpg- List of audio courses and podcasts in a variety of languages, including Spanish & Portuguese

SpanishLanguage&CultureLogo.gif - Excellent grammar practice activities based on culturally authentic multimedia materials