Post information and ideas related to poetry as a vehicle for language learning on this page.

  • Clone Poems & the Microcomputer- A useful article from Hispania, 72(3) that introduces teachers to clone poems that Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca and Ernesto Cardenal wrote based on poems by Jorge Manrique, with ideas for student-related activities

Poetry Links


Chinese4Kids - Seven Fruits on Seven Trees - PDF of the poem in Chinese characters with pinyin and an English translation

Chinese Through Poetry - PDF of resources for teaching various aspects of Chinese through poetry

ChineseToolsLogo.gif- A collection of 300 Tang poems in Chinese characters with pinyin and an explanation in Chinese

300TangPoemsUofVirginiaLogo.gif - A searchable database of 300 Tang poems in Chinese, along with links to other important Chinese texts compiled by the University of Virginia's Chinese Text Initiative

TangOfPoetryLogo.gif - A series of podcasts centered around the little bear, Kedou's, adventures with Tang poetry


HaikuNetLogo.jpg - Information and resources in French about haiku poetry

HaikuSansFrontieresLogo.jpg - A collection of resources haiku poetry in French

PoesieFrancaiseLogo.jpg - Database of classic French poetry, searchable by author, century, country, title, etc.

PoesieViveLogo.jpg - Poems you can listen to online in French


HaikuPlusLogo.gif- A page in German with links to a collection of resources about haiku, recipes, and travel

Haiku Heute - A page dedicated to haiku


BashoHaiku.gif - A collection of resources in Japanese related to Basho, father of haiku poetry


CacquiLogo.gif - A Brazilian journal dedicated to Haiku poetry

CaixaDeHaiKaiLogo.jpg - A collection of haiku poetry in Portuguese

HaikuPortugalLogo.jpg - A blog in Portuguese dedicated to haiku poetry


HuevoDeChocolateLogo.jpg- This website has trabalenguas (tongue twisters), poesia, acertijos (riddles), cuentas, and much more. A fun website with many resources. - SarahPcat SarahPcat

RinconDeHaikuLogo.jpg - Website completely in Spanish devoted to the art and history of haiku poetry with collections of links in English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, & Spanish (navigation on the left)